Crystal Ball

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Crystal Ball

TypeSolid block

The Crystal Ball is a block added by Witchery. The Crystal Ball is used to see from other creature/player's points of view, or simply seeing into the future. Using a Taglock Kit that contains taglocks will cause the user'a point of view to switch to that of the contained creature or player. The user has no control over the creature through this feature. While viewing a Crystal Ball, the player can still move, only much slower, and typically they are not in their own point of view. In order to view a taglocked creature or bound waystone, the location or creature must be within 150 blocks of the crystal ball. Using their own taglocks, players can quickly see a birds-eye view from above them.

Using a Crystal Ball without any taglocks (empty-handed) will allow the player to see into their future. The Crystal Ball will predict future events and describe them in chat.

Using a Bound Waystone will allow the user to view the bound location.





Rite of Infusion

Infuse a Crystal Ball to see the future. Perform at night.

> Quartz Sphere
> Gold Ingot
> Happenstance Oil

Altar power 2000


Message Result
[Player] will collect a cache of coal. Mining Coal Ore (or Stone if a large amount of time has elapsed since the prediction) will yield between 10 and 20 extra pieces of Coal.
[Player] will encounter a walking tree. An Ent will spawn soon.
[Player] have [sic] angered the crone (and her sisters). Baba Yaga will soon come for the player.
[Player] will stumble and fall. A 3x3 pit 5 blocks deep will open up beneath the player with Gravel at the bottom. Taking fall damage by another means before this occurs will prevent the pit from opening up.
[Player] will get wet. A 3x3 pool of Water with a Gravel floor will spawn beneath the player. Going underwater before this occurs prevents the pool from opening up.
[Player] will be inundated with iron. Mining an Iron Ore block (or Stone if a large amount of time has elapsed since the prediction) will yield between 8 and 20 extra ores.
[Player] will chance upon the undead. A Zombie will spawn soon.
[Player] will be saved by a stranger. A Wolf or an Owl will spawn and defend the player when they are being attacked.
[Player] will be struck by an arrow. A Skeleton will spawn soon.
[Player] will find a buried treasure. A dungeon Chest will appear under a Dirt, Grass, Mycelium, or Sand block that the player breaks.
[Player] will take a trip to the nether. The player will be transported into The Nether after a chat message is sent to them stating, "A demon has been watching you and transposed you to the nether." Once in The Nether, a Blaze will spawn nearby.
[Player] will make a new friend. A Wolf will soon spawn nearby tamed to the player.
[Player] will find shinies. Mining a Stone will yield a Diamond or an Emerald.
[Player] has sparked the interest of the crone (and her sisters). Baba Yaga will spawn soon, drop some of their drops, and then die.
[Player] will meet a dark and handsome stranger. A villager will soon spawn and mate with the player (they will walk towards the player and a love song will play).