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This page is about the Flaxbeard's Steam Power Crucible. For other uses, see Crucible.

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance3.5
Next tier
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Crucible
I have finally found a way to create alloys out of various metals, the crucible!
To use it, I place the ceramic crucible over a hot fire. I can then toss in various types of processed metal, but not ores. This metal will melt into a liquid, and form into alloys if possible. Right clicking on the crucible with an empty hand will pour this liquid metal into an adjacent mold.
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The Crucible is a block from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. It is used to melt ingots, nuggets, and plates. Ores cannot be melted in the Crucible. Throwing in the valid items will cause them to melt. The metal can then be poured into an adjacent Mold block, if it contains a valid mold item. The Crucible will only work if there is some form of heat directly underneath it. This heat includes anything of the materials lava and fire, Thaumcraft 4 Nitor, or a Steam Heater at 20 steam usage. The Crucible can be tipped by using an empty hand or a redstone signal/pulse.

When the Crucible has fluid metal inside of it, it will be able to output a redstone signal to a Comparator, with a strength that varies based on how much fluid is in it.

The Crucible and Nether Crucible are the only way to obtain Brass and Gilded Iron, which are both used commonly in recipes within the mod. One Zinc Ingot combined with three Copper Ingots will create four Brass Ingots. Gilded Iron can be created by right-clicking a crucible with an iron ingot that contains at least one nugget of gold. The nugget of gold will be consumed.

The Crucible and Nether Crucible can hold up to 90 nuggets (10 ingots or 15 plates) worth of liquids at a time.



Version history
Prerelease14BUGFIX: Fixed alloys disappearing in the crucible.
BUGFIX: You no longer suffocate in steam hammers or the crucible.
CHANGE: Allowed using lava under the crucible
Prerelease20BUGFIX: Fixed client/server sync for the Crucible (for reals)
0.21.5BUGFIX: Crucible now consumes only what it can hold when a stack is thrown in
BUGFIX: Fixed crucible/mold sync issues with tipping animation
0.26.2CHANGE: Crucibles take a few moments to melt ingots
0.280NEW: (Zenith) Crucibles can now be read by comparators
NEW: Crucibles can tip when activated with a redstone signal or pulse
0.281FIX: (Zenith) Crucible can now accept items not thrown by a player
0.285NEW: Steam Heater can now be used to heat the Crucible, for the same amount of steam as it costs to heat a furnace (#246)
NEW: Thaumcraft Nitor can now be used to heat the Crucible (#171)
0.286TWEAK: Crucible is no longer restricted to Blocks.fire. It now accepts all blocks of the material Material.fire.
0.287FIX: Fixed ClassCastException crash caused by the Crucible and placing a TileEntity that is not the Steam Heater underneath it (#257)