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This page is about the Crucible added by Better With Mods. For other uses, see Crucible.

ModBetter With Mods
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance3.5

The Crucible is a functional block added by Better With Mods. It is a crafting pot used extensively throughout the mod. The Crucible enables the creation of Soulforged Steel and the smelting of tools back into their respective metals. It serves as a normal Chest, with 27 inventory slots, unless a Stoked Fire is beneath it. Similarly to its Iron counterpart, the Cauldron, additional fires (up to a 3x3 area) beneath the Crucible will increase its speed in many recipes. When Mechanical Power is supplied to the Crucible, it will tip left to whichever way the axle is powering from. The Cauldron will then dump out all of its contents into the block it is facing.

Other mods such as Better With Addons add their own recipes to the Crucible, providing it with extra functionality.



To fire a Crucible, a Stoked Fire must be lit beneath it. Here are some of the main uses of the Crucible:

  • Used in the creation of Soulforged Steel.
  • Used for smelting down tools into their respective metals.
  • Used to smelt various cobblestones into their smooth stone counterparts.
  • Used to smelt Sand into Glass, saving massive amounts of fuel in comparison to the Furnace.

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