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This page is about Useful Crops' Crops. For other Crops, see Crops.

Useful Crops adds multiple Crops to the IC2 Crop Breeding system.

List of crops

Crops added by Useful Crops
Name Discovered by Seed Drops Tier Attributes Special requirements Growth Stages
Cyprium estebes
6 Leaves, Metal, Orange[1][2] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Copper Ore or Block of Copper below it

Plumbiscus estebes
8 Leaves, Metal, Common[1] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Lead Ore or Block of Lead below it

Stagnium estebes
6 Leaves, Metal, Shiny[1][2] (PRE 0.3) Only matures if there is a Tin Ore or Block of Tin below it

Shining estebes
8 Leaves, Metal, Precious

Shiliuhuang estebes
6 Leaves, Smell, Yellow

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Was "Leaves, Metal" in version 0.1/0.2.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Was "Leaves, Metal, Common" in version 0.3.