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This page is about the Crops added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Crops.

GregTech 4 adds multiple Crops to the IC2 crop breeding system.

List of crops

Crops with no seed can only be produced through crossbreeding. Crops which list the same special drop multiple times have a higher chance of dropping that special drop.

Crops added by GregTech 4
Name Discovered by Seed Primary drop Special drops Tier Attributes Growth Stages
Indigo Eloraam

2 Flower, Color, Ingredient

Flax Eloraam
2 Silk, Vine, Addictive

Oilberries Spacetoad
9 Fire, Dark, Reed, Rotten, Coal, Oil

Bobsyeruncleranks GenerikB

11 Shiny, Vine, Emerald, Berylium, Crystal

Diareed Direwolf20

12 Fire, Shiny, Reed, Coal, Diamond, Crystal

Withereed CovertJaguar

8 Fire, Undead, Reed, Coal, Rotten, Wither

Blazereed Mr. Brain

6 Fire, Blaze, Reed, Sulfur

Eggplant Link

6 Chicken, Egg, Edible, Feather, Flower, Addictive

Corium Gregorius Techneticies
6 Cow, Silk, Vine

Corpseplant Mr. Kenny

5 Toxic, Undead, Vine, Edible, Rotten

Creeperweed General Spaz
7 Creeper, Vine, Explosive, Fire, Sulfur, Saltpeter, Coal

Enderbloom RichardG

10 Ender, Flower, Shiny

Meatrose VintageBeef

7 Edible, Flower, Cow, Fish, Chicken, Pig

Milkwart Mr. Brain

6 Edible, Milk, Cow

Slimeplant Neowulf
6 Slime, Bouncy, Sticky, Bush

Spidernip Mr. Kenny

4 Toxic, Silk, Spider, Flower, Ingredient, Addictive

Tearstalks Neowulf
8 Healing, Nether, Ingredient, Reed, Ghast

Tine Gregorius Techneticies
5 Shiny, Metal, Pine, Tin, Bush

Coppon Mr. Brain
6 Shiny, Metal, Cotton, Copper, Bush

Brown Mushrooms Mr. Brain

1 Edible, Mushroom, Ingredient

Red Mushrooms Mr. Kenny

1 Toxic, Mushroom, Ingredient

Argentia Eloraam
7 Shiny, Metal, Silver, Reed

Plumbilia KingLemming
6 Heavy, Metal, Lead, Reed