Create Vampires

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Create Vampires
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
At last he knew his blood was strong enough to replicate what She had done for him... ...left me weak, close to oblivion, but I watched him fill a glass goblet and hand it to me... ...we both sat next to a coffin, far from the sun's gaze, "drink!" is all he said...
Ability type Vampire
Required level 9
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Create Vampires is a Level 9 Vampiric ability from Witchery. This ability is an active ability that costs some of the vampire's internal blood. When a mesmerized villager or Guard is completely drained of blood, a Glass Goblet that has been filled with the user's blood can be used on the villager to turn them into a Vampire. There must be a Coffin within a 4 block radius of the villager.