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Current developerssimibubi
Version1.16.5: 0.3e
1.16.4: 0.3e
1.16.3: 0.3e
1.15.2: 0.3e
1.14.4: 0.2.3
Supported Minecraft versions1.14.4-1.16.5
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Create is a mod by simibubi. It focuses on a core concept of rotation, and almost all of its machines are focused around generating rotation, transmitting and transforming rotation, and consuming the rotation to perform a variety of tasks.

Rotational force (speed and stress)

Rotation is the main form of energy in Create, and has two main components: Speed and Stress. Speed dictates how fast most machines operate. The faster the speed, the faster a connected machine will perform its designated task. Speed can be freely adjusted using several methods, the simplest of which is by using Small and Large cogwheels.

Every machine also has a stress component and every generator has a stress capacity. The speed at which a generator or machine rotates is multiplied by its capacity or component respectively. If a system of generators and consumers has more stress than stress capacity, the entire system will grind to a halt until more capacity is made, or stress is released by slowing processing or getting rid of machines. A machine might also have a required stress/speed amount until it starts operating.

Moving contraptions

Certain machines can be attached to Linear or Rotational Chassis and be able to move around via Minecarts, Bearings, and Mechanical Pistons, and can still perform their tasks while moving. Additionally, Chests can be attached to the Chassis and will both provide to machines and serve as inventories for machines while in motion. A Portable Storage Interface can be attached to a Chassis and can take items to and from chests by interacting with stationary Transposers.

Decoration and building

Create provides several decorational stone variants and several connected texture variants of glass and glass panes. Additionally, Create adds a feature that allows glass panes to occupy the same space as slabs and stairs by placing them on the face where the glass should be placed. Create also provides a method of saving and loading structures through the use of Schematics, the Schematic Table, and the Schematicannon, which fires blocks that it is supplied in the shape of a provided structure.

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