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Crash Landing
Maintained byIskandar
A modpack with the main challenge being the lack of water, and the need to hydrate ones self.
Version info

Crash Landing is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack by Iskandar. It uses Hardcore Questing Mode to make the modpack a more linear style of playing. The main challenge comes from the mod, EnviroMine, and its feature where the player must drink water to survive. The player crash lands on a dry and dusty planet with no water, food, or supplies. The map is automatically set to Vanilla hardcore, and the player must use Sync to obtain more lives.

Mods included

Applied Energistics rv14 finale3
AutoPackager 1.4
Autoutils 1.0.1
BiblioCraft 1.5.5
Big Reactors 0.3.4A2
Chisel 1.5.2
CoFH Core
ConfigMod --
CoroUtil --
Ex Nihilo 1.29e
EnviroMine 1.1.63
Ex Aliquo 0.11.2
ExtraCells 1.6.9d
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.0.5
HarvestCraft WAILA 1.0.4
Hunger Overhaul 2l-build4
Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct 1.0.3
Inventory Tweaks 1.56-b77
Iron Chests
JABBA 1.1.4
MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.9
MineTweaker 2.3.1
Mob Properties (Disabled) 0.2
ModTweaker 0.3
NEI Addons
NEI Plugins
Not Enough Keys 0.0.4
OpenBlocks 1.2.8
OpenMods Lib 0.5
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.1.4
PneumaticCraft 1.1.4f
PowerCrystals Core 1.1.8-9
Redstone Arsenal
Ruins 1.6.4
Simply Jetpacks 0.3.1
Sort Fix 1.0
Special AI 1.0 PRE
Special Mobs 3.0
Steve's Drought 4
Steve's Factory Manager A83
Sync 2.2.3
Thermal Expansion
The Spice of Life 1.0.3c
Tinkers' Construct Tooltips 1.1.8
Tinkers' Construct
Tinkers' Mechworks 0.1.6
Tinkers' Steelworks
Update Checker Mod 1.6.4
WAILA Harvestability 1.0.3
WAILA 1.5.2a
Zan's Minimap 1.6.4
Zombie Awareness 1.9.3