Crafting Table T3

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Crafting Table T3

TypeSolid block
Technical details
First appearance1.0.0a12

The Crafting Table Tier Three (T3) is a block added by QwerTech, which is an upgrade from the Crafting Table T2. It is crafted with 9 rocks, 9 metal chunks, or 9 flawed gems. It is capable of all recipes that the vanilla table can create, except for recipes that contain Hammers, as QwerTech changes those recipes to require right-clicking the top of the table with a Hammer in hand.

Unlike vanilla tables, all QwerTech crafting tables store their inventory and can be interacted with by multiple players at the same time. Additionally, it shows a 3D display of the current crafting grid above the block.

T3 Crafting Tables will not be damaged by any recipes, including hammering recipes.