Crafting Station (Tinkers' Construct)

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This page is about the Crafting Station from Tinkers' Construct. For other uses, see Crafting Station.
Crafting Station

ModTinkers' Construct
TC4 Aspects
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The Crafting Station is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. It works just like the Crafting Table, but with a few exceptions. Items, when placed in the Crafting Station, will not be dropped when the GUI is closed; they will remain in the Crafting Station. If placed next to a Chest, the Chest can be accessed from within the left of the Crafting Station's GUI.

The Crafting Station is used to create the Tool Station.

Tinker Table

When placed within two blocks of a Tool Station, the Crafting Station becomes a Tinker Table. The Tinker Table is the same as the Crafting Station, but with a Pickaxe-icon in the middle of the GUI indicating a place for a tool (although a tool can be placed anywhere in the Crafting Station). It can then be used the same as the Tool Station's "Repair and Modify" function: it can be modified, or repaired. Although this can also be done with a normal Crafting Table, or even within the inventory's 2x2 crafting grid, the Crafting Station allows viewing of the tool's stats just like the Tool Station.