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Cow in a Jar

ModCooking for Blockheads
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMultiblock Kitchen Provides milk to recipes.
Blast resistance0.6
StackableYes (64)
Liquid storage32,000 mB

The Cow in a Jar is a block added by Cooking for Blockheads. It functions exactly like the Milk Jar, while also automatically generating milk over time.


The Cow in a Jar generates 0.5 mB of milk per tick by default, which is stored within the jar. Milk can be stored and retrieved from the jar just like with a Milk Jar.

If a Compressed Cow from Ex Compressum is used to craft a Cow in a Jar, the jar will generate milk 9 times as fast (4.5mB/tick) by default.

The amount of milk generated per tick as well as the multiplier for using a Compressed Cow can be changed in the Cooking for Blockheads config file.


This block can only be crafted by placing an Anvil on top of a Cow that is standing on top of a Milk Jar. The Cow in a Jar will be created once the Anvil falls on top of the Cow.