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Cow Carcass

ModFantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them

The Cow Carcass is an item from Fantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them. It is dropped when a cow is killed with a Butcher Knife. It can be butchered by placing it on a Meat Hook and following the butchering procedure. When on the Meat Hook, the cow takes up two extra vertical blocks below the hook.

Meat Hook drops

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The drops from progressing through the butchering process are as follows.

Stage one

See also: Skinning Knife

  • Leather (between 8 and 12)

  • Leather Scraps (depending on the amount of leather dropped, between 8 and 16)

  • Fat (between 4 and 12)

  • Sinew (between 4 and 12)

Stage two

Stage three

See also: Bone Saw

Stage four

See also: Butcher Knife