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Cover up!

ModGregTech 4

Cover up! is one of many Written Books that is found in dungeons to provide more information about GregTech 4.


Have you ever wondered how the Cover System works? This Book is about how to Cover your Machines up properly. But what does a Cover do, except fancy looking? And how to install Covers? And what If you want to remove the Cover?

Usually every regular Plate like Advanced Alloy, Refined Iron or Bronze Plates can be used as Cover. Even Covers of other Companies can be supported as well. To place a Cover, just get one and rightclick the Machine with it.

Covers can do many things such as improving Machines (see Upgrade Dictionary for Details), but their main purpose is preventing interactions between adjacent Blocks.

To remove a Cover, you need a Blue Crowbar or something similar, like a Red Crowbar for example. Just use the Crowbar on it, to get it back. If you want to adjust Upgrade Covers, you need a Screwdriver. Just screw around until you are set.

If you are low on Materials, but really need a Cover, then just take your Screwdriver and unscrew the outer hull of the Machine, turn it around, screw it back on and viola, you got a Cover for free.
Cover up!