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Corporeal Attractor

ModThaumic Tinkerer
TypeTile entity

The Corporeal Attractor is a block added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It has two modes: Red and Blue. Red mode pushes mobs away from the Attractor whereas Blue mode will pull them in. The Attractor works with a redstone signal where the strength of the signal determines the range. The range in block distance is calculated as

For example, a redstone signal with a strength level of 10 will set the Attractor's range to 5 blocks. If the player is wielding a wand they can right-click on the Attractor to open its GUI. Soul Moulds can be inserted to filter the mobs that the Attractor draws in or pushes away.


Thaumonomicon entry

Working with the telekinesis focus, you managed to apply this knowledge to create a device to attract items or living beings, like a magnet.

These two blocks have two states, north (red) and south (blue), in north mode it'll push items, or entities away; in south mode it'll pull them in.

The range of the attraction depends on the redstone signal applied to it. A lever next to it will allow for 7.5 blocks, while a current from farther away will make it shorter. In general, the attraction is equal to half the redstone signal's strength in blocks, in every direction.

You designed two devices. The Kinetic and Corporeal Attractors, these, respectively affect items and living beings.

The Corporeal Attractor involves some more complex mechanisms, to which you can access by right clicking it with a casting wand. Using a Soul Mould, you can right click on a mob to save it as a pattern, which you can set in the attractor's interface, as a filter, along with settings for child or adult animals, if available.
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