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Current developersCorosus
Version1.12.2: 1.2.37
1.12.1: 1.2.37
1.11.2: 1.1.19
1.10.2: 1.1.18
1.8.9: 1.1.4
1.7.10: 1.1.6
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.12.2
Needed forTropicraft
Zombie Awareness
Localized Weather & Stormfronts
Crash Landing

CoroUtil or Coro AI is a library package created by Corosus. It contains custom threaded pathfinding code, that is based off of vanilla Minecraft's pathfinding. Along with this pathfinding code, it also has fixes for Vanilla's logic blocks, such as doors and fences. Most of Corosus's mods require this package.

Config Mod, Build Mod, and Extended Renderer were merged into CoroUtil's source code, though they still appear as separate mods.

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