Corals (Upgrade Aquatic)

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Nine new variants of the generic corals are added by Upgrade Aquatic, including blocks and fans. This effectively gives coral the wool block palette, with the exception of gray and light gray, which the dead versions are considered to make up for. They can be obtained through Bonemeal, and generate and behave exactly like their vanilla counterparts. Additionally, the mod makes it so Drowned have a 10% chance to drop any of these, as well as vanilla ones.

The following variants are added:

  • Branch Coral, black
  • Pillow Coral, white
  • Rock Coral, brown
  • Petal Coral, light blue
  • Acan Coral, cyan
  • Moss Coral, green
  • Star Coral, lime
  • Finger Coral, orange
  • Silk Coral, purple

Display of new coral variants.