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Cooking Table

ModCooking for Blockheads
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMultiblock Kitchen

Enables crafting abilities.

Blast resistance2.5
StackableYes (64)

The Cooking Table is a block added by Cooking for Blockheads. It lets the player craft food items using ingredients from not only the player's inventory, but also any ingredients stored within a multiblock kitchen that it is connected to.

Right-clicking the Cooking Table will bring up a searchable and sortable list of food items that can be crafted with the food ingredients currently available. Clicking on a food in the list will show its crafting recipe; if there are any items missing from the recipe (such as Pam's HarvestCraft tools), they will be highlighted in red. Clicking again on the selected food will craft it if there are no missing items.

If the Cooking Table is right-clicked with a Cooking for Blockheads book, the book will be placed onto the table and all food recipes will be visible in the list, even ones that cannot be crafted with the current ingredients. Sneak-right-clicking on the Cooking Table will remove this effect and return the book.

The Cooking Table can be dyed a specific color by right-clicking it with the associated dye.