Convocation of the Damned

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Convocation of the Damned
ModBlood Magic

The Convocation of the Damned is a ritual added by Blood Magic. Correctly performed, the ritual creates a Demon Portal, which will over time create a city filled with Demon Grunts. These demons are the only way to obtain Soul Shards and Life Shards both of which are required to progress to Tier 6 in Blood Magic.


Building the Convocation of the Damned requires one Master Ritual Stone and 128 Ritual Stones. Activation requires 15,000,000 Life Essence (LP) and must be performed on an Awakened Activation Crystal. Additionally, 8 Crystal Belljars, filled in turn with Magicales, Potentia, Incendium, Terrae, Tenebrae, Sanctus, Aether and Aquasalus, need to be present on top of the 8 inner pillars of the ritual before the ritual will trigger, and a Blood Altar needs to be placed on the Master Ritual Stone.

Once the ritual has been activated, the Master Ritual Stone must be empowered with 16,000 AR of each of the above reagents to prime the ritual.

Finally, once primed (the lightning show has finished and all the crystal bell jars are empty) a Demon must be sacrificed withing range of a Blood Altar that has been placed on the Master Ritual Stone using a Dagger of Sacrifice. This will create the Demon Portal and convert the inner area of the ritual into an incomplete blood altar, destroying the Crystal Belljars and most of the Ritual stones.

Additional considerations

As the demons drop the items required to progress to Tier 6 in Blood Magic, the Convocation of the Damned must typically be triggered by a player using a Tier 5 Altar and Orb. As the Archmage's Blood Orb normally stores only 10,000,000 LP in the player's blood network, it is necessary to use 25 Runes of the Orb in the construction of a Tier 5 Altar used to fill the players Orb. Each Rune of the Orb in an Altar will allow the Altar to fill an Orb by an additional 2% of its base capacity– 25 Runes of the Orb allow the required extra 5,000,000 LP to be stored to trigger the ritual.