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This page is about the Conveyor Belt added by Industrial Foregoing. For other uses, see Conveyor Belt.
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt (Industrial Foregoing).gif

ModIndustrial Foregoing
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance10

The Conveyor Belt is a block added by Industrial Foregoing. Conveyor Belts will travel in the direction the player is facing when placed and will create a ramp if placed one block above or below a connecting conveyor belt. The speed of the conveyor belts can be increased by right clicking with Glowstone Dust. Right clicking the belts with Plastic will prevent players from picking up items on the conveyor belt, but does not prevent items being removed by other mechanics such as placing a hopper underneath. These upgrades can only be removed by breaking the belts, which will drop the applied item.

The behavior of the conveyor belts can be further altered with various Conveyor Upgrades. These upgrades are applied by right clicking, and the GUI of the upgrades can be opened by right clicking the modified part. Upgraded which are directional, such as the Extraction Conveyor Upgrade and the Splitting Conveyor Upgrade, are applied in the direction the player is facing. Conveyor Upgrades can be removed by shift right clicking with an empty hand.


A Ramp.

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