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ModExtra Utilities 2
This page is about the item added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Contract.

The Contract is an item added by Extra Utilities 2. After crafting the Contract, the player should right-click the Contract on a villager. If a villager accepts the Contract (many do not), the player may capture them in a Golden Lasso, which then can be used to craft the Chunk Loading Ward.

Text of the Contract

I, "Villager No.#", also known as <Villager Type>,

being of sound mind and body, do agree to
allow my physical, spiritual and/or mental
essences to be bound to a physical object,
and to use any skills that I may currently
possess to provide useful service to
<player's name>, I agree that my
essence shall remain bound to the physical
object until either
1. The object is destroyed
2. The universe ends
3. The very concept of time and/or entropy is destroyed or rendered untenable
4. I get bored of standing around in limbo making weird noises, and float away to the next life (which is unlikely since I like making weird noises).
Signed _____________________________


"Extra Utilities 2"

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