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Conjured Block

TypeSolid block

Conjured Block is a block added by Psi. It is summoned when a player uses a spell with the Trick Conjure Block or Conjure Light. Conjured Blocks are solid and have colored particles running along the bounding box of the block. Conjured Lights are intangible and function similar to torches, giving off a light of 15 and appearing as a large floating particle. The color of the particles is given by the Colorizer in the CAD used to summon the blocks. Summoned Conjured Blocks/Lights will automatically disappear after a set amount of time set by the number given to the "Time" parameter of the Conjure Block/Light Trick in the spell used to summon them. If the Time parameter is set to 0 when summoning a Light, it will never despawn unless broken. Both the normal blocks and lighting blocks appear as an untextured "Conjured Block" in most tooltips.

It is not craftable, as it is a technical block.


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