Conjurations and Fetishes (Witchery)

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Please view the Getting Started Guide for Witchery before reading this guide.

Conjurations and Fetishes

Getting Started

Conjurations and Fetishes are a type of witchcraft that involve using a Brazier to create certain effects. The Brazier typically must be placed within range of an Altar to be used properly, which requires it to be a maximum of about 15 blocks. It is filled with three various ingredients, then lit with a Flint and Steel to produce the according effect. The effect that is created is dependent on which ingredients are put into it. An effect may occur when the Brazier is lit, or while it is burning. A water bucket is used on the Brazier to extinguish it and clear its ingredients/effects. Lighting a Brazier when it does not have valid ingredients will cause smoke. Lighting it when it does not have the Altar power it needs will cause fire until the power is available. The Brazier can be made with the following ingredients:

The Book of Conjurations and Fetishes

The Book of Conjurations and Fetishes, or the Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes book, is an item that you should keep somewhere nearby to the conjuration location. This book explains the ingredients required for every single conjuration effect, as well as the creatures required for each fetish. It also adds a brief description of each effect and fetish. The book can be created with the following recipe:

Conjuration Effects

Summon Spectre

Summon Banshee

Graveyard Mist

Anguish of the Dead

Fortification of the Corpse

Deathly Veil

Drain Growth

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