Conflicts between mDiyo and GregoriusT

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Conflicts between mDiyo and GregoriusT
DateSummer 2013

In the summer of 2013, four public conflicts arose between the author of Tinkers' Construct (TiC), mDiyo, and the author of GregTech (GT), GregoriusT. These conflicts resulted in a large amount of general community drama, hundreds of pages of forum threads, and a general community dislike of GregoriusT lasting several months.

Fortune-smelting duplication

The first conflict arose around an item duplication bug caused by a combination of GT-added Metal Block-to-Ingot Furnace smelting recipes and TiC tools with the Luck and Autosmelt modifiers, where the modifiers were applying to smeltable objects other than Ore blocks, resulting in the ability to compress 9 Ingots into a Block. Players could break the block with a TiC Pickaxe and receive 12-13 Ingots. The conflict between the two authors began when the bug was discovered and mDiyo added a message to the Minecraft chat when the player joined the game with the two mods installed that stated the following.

Warning: GregTech Exploit Present!

Please disable all Reverse Smelting recipes from GregTech.



When a user of the IndustrialCraft 2 forums, InsaneJ, showed this to Greg, he retaliated. He claimed that the problem was not within GregTech, but instead was an issue in Tinkers' Construct that existed for vanilla Minecraft as well. Most of the conflict between the two during this time was through private messages on various forums. Greg retaliated to this game message by adding his own.[citation needed]

Exploit Warning: Tinkers Construct adds Functionality, which causes many Blocks to duplicate drops, when being hit by a Tool, which has Luck and Autosmelt on it. Those Blocks include Stone, Potatoes, Wood, Cacti and Netherrack for example. mDiyo horribly failed to realize that his 'Fortune-Autosmelt'-Function dupes ANYTHING, what can be smolten [sic]. Not just Ores, what would be understandable as Fortune is designed to work on Ores only, ANYTHING! I Strongly recommend you, to bug mDiyo until he fixed his berserking exploit, before it gets more ridiculous, than this Message. And tell him to stop telling everyone that it's my fault as it is NOT. He introduced it without even looking at VANILLA Smelting Recipes, so he can't point at me just for adding some required smelting Recipes!

Sincerely ~ Gregorius Techneticies

To disable this Message, bug mDiyo until he fixes it the proper way. Otherwise I will very likely drown you with this text forever.



Whether the issue was caused by mDiyo or GregoriousT was disputed on both sides; GregTech users blamed mDiyo, while Tinkers' Construct users blamed GregoriousT.

Eventually, mDiyo added a configuration option that prevented Luck and Autosmelt from coexisting in a single tool, which Greg considered enough to cease the conflict[3].

However, this set the tone for the future conflicts: large walls of text disputing each others' changes.

Wood recipe crash

A month or two later, one of the final GT versions to run on Minecraft 1.4.7 included a change to the vanilla Minecraft Wood → Planks and Planks → Sticks recipes, halving the numbers of Stick produced in the output. The intent was that players would use a Saw to get the full yield. There was a configuration line, B:WoodNeedsSawForPlanks, which would disable this change, however, mDiyo chose to add code which overwrote these recipe changes after the server was launched[4]. GregoriousT took this as a declaration of war, and added a check that would wait 5 seconds after the server started and check a set of recipes; if the recipes had been changed, the code stopped the server[5]. The result of this was a 10-hour flame war ending after mDiyo requested a "cease-fire", and both of them removed their offending code[6]. However, mDiyo then re-added his recipe-overwriting code with its own config line, and Greg re-issued him a Pumpkin of Shame in response[7]. The result of this was a five day flame war between GregoriousT's supporters and a collection of people who opposed what Greg had done.

Log spam and recipe unloading

Mid-way through the life of Minecraft 1.5, a third conflict arose. During the previous conflict, Greg stated that other modders were allowed to modify GregTech functionality,

[a]s long as it is constructive and reasonable in some way, and doesn't intentionally break things


Additionally, GT uses the Forge OreDictionary to build its recipes and allow for cross-mod compatibility in components. However, GregoriusT also used client/server startup logs to attempt to enforce a standard in OreDictionary item naming (shapeMaterial; oreCopper, stickCopper, ingotCopper), and created several log entry lines whenever an item did not follow that convention. mDiyo became annoyed with people reporting these "bugs", and created the class "", which contained one functional line (paraphrased): Minecraft Forge Unregister GT Ore Dictionary Handler.[9] This caused the log messages to stop. It also caused no GT blocks or items to have crafting recipes.

After another several hours of argument, this file was moved to an optional "plugin" in the main TiC mod file, and mDiyo requested that all TiC items be blacklisted from GT ore dictionary handling. GregoriousT complied, and this blunt incompatibility remained in place for over a year[citation needed].

Startup message

The fourth and final conflict between GregoriousT and mDiyo came as a result of an erroneous bug report. mDiyo received a report of an erroneous crafting recipe for a TiC block, involving Glass and IC2 Scrap. This was a legitimate bug, though at the time of discovery it had been fixed. The user reporting the bug was using an outdated GT version. In response to the report, mDiyo took it upon himself to, when GT and TiC were present together, generate a large message when a client finished loading and reached the Minecraft main menu, warning them of the dangers of GregTech. This message was subsequently reworded several times (as the initial version was little more than blatantly offensive), and after a few days, scrapped entirely, as more of the community decided that it was an inappropriate action.[citation needed]


mDiyo resigned as lead developer of Tinkers' Construct in 2014, handing it to boni, and has not been involved in TiC from since late that year. Modern versions of Tinkers' Construct do not mention GregTech or Greg in their codebase[10].

In response to the drama, MineFactory Reloaded re-registered every item as "greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it", causing console spamming. In latter versions however, only Leather Boots have that Ore Dictionary tag.

FTB Unhinged, released in mid 2013 for Minecraft 1.5.2, was the last Feed The Beast modpack to include GregTech until Resurrection, which was released in late 2014 for Minecraft 1.7.10. The drama likely had a role in the FTB Team's choice to not include GregTech in many of their modpacks, as well as GregoriusT's decision to move the mod in a total conversion-direction. As a result, although GregTech continues to have a cult following among its fans, its community remains somewhat insular from the mainstream modded community.