Computer Case (Tier 1)

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Computer Case (Tier 1)

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance15
TC6 Aspects

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The Computer Case (Tier 1) is a tile entity added by OpenComputers. The block holds the individual electronic parts, which together form a functioning computer (see Usage).



Right-clicking the Case opens the GUI. The following components can be installed:

The computer needs energy to operate, which can be supplied via cable or energy storage blocks connected to the case. OpenComputers does not provide its own energy generators which makes it necessary to use other mods. Many other energy systems are supported and can be used directly to power the computer.

Clicking the middle button starts the computer.

Shift right-clicking with the Analyzer on the Case will display the following information:

  • Number of connected components: Current and maximum number of electronic parts installed in the Case.
  • Stored energy: The energy storage of the Case with a maximum of 500 units.
  • Total stored energy: The energy storage including connected Chargers.
  • Component name: The name of the block. Can be renamed (useful if it is part of a network).
  • Address: The address string generated when the Case is placed down. With this the computer can be reached inside a network.