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This page is about the Compressed Cobblestone added by Extra Utilities. For other uses, see Compressed Cobblestone.
Compressed Cobblestone
Block Compressed Cobblestone (Extra Utilities).gif

ModExtra Utilities
TypeSolid block
Tooltip text*number of contained cobblestone* Cobblestone
Blast resistance30
Hardness5, 12, 31, 78, 195, 488, 1220, 3051
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:cobblestone_compressed:0-7
Unlocalized namecobblestone_compressed

Compressed Cobblestone is a collection of storage block for cobblestone, added by Extra Utilities. The block shows the amount of Cobblestone stored in the block in its tooltip. Compressed Cobblestone is 9 Cobblestone stored in a single block and Octuple Compressed Cobblestone stores 43,046,721 Cobblestone in a one block space (the amount of cobble stored in each block is exponential). The higher the level of compression applied to the cobblestone, the darker the block becomes, and the higher the blast resistance of the block - Septuple and Octuple Compressed Cobblestone are resistant to the Wither. Triple and Quadruple Compressed Cobblestone is used in the creation of the Portal to The 'Deep Dark'.


For each 'tier' of compression, the compression recipe is repeated with compressed cobblestone to get the next 'tier'.

Compressed Cobblestone can be converted back to their below compression 'tier' in a crafting grid:

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