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Ars Magica 2 Information
Components dictate what the spell does to the things it targets. Components can be added once per spell stage.
Occulus tabOffense, Defense, Utility

Components are a part Ars Magica 2's spell grammar. It determines the spell's effect and/or behavior, such as whether a spell will cause the target take damage, restore its health, and/or plant crops.

Spell parts which are components can be found having an octagonal border. Depending on the component's functionally, it's categorized into either the Occulus's Offense, Defense, or Utility tab.

Spell Grammar

A spell can't have more than one of the same component, but it can contain two or more different components. For example, there can't be a Self-Shrink-Shrink spell, as it contain more than one of the Shrink component, but there can be a Self-Shrink-Invisibility spell, or even a Self-Shrink-Invisibility-Haste-Flight spell, because all of the spell's components are different from each other.

While a spell can contain two or more different components, there's incompatible components, such as Reflect and Shield. If a spell contains two or more incompatible components, it will only apply one of the incompatible component's effect to the target. For example, a Self-Heal-Reflect-Shield spell will apply Heal and Reflect to its target, but Shield will not be applied.