Compacting Drawer

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Compacting Drawer

ModStorage Drawers
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textHolds 16 stacks per drawer
Blast resistance5.0

The Compacting Drawer is a block added by Storage Drawers to quickly convert items between Storage Blocks and their original form.



  • Top: Double-compressed item
  • Lower-left: Compressed item
  • Lower-right: Base item


  • Extracting is performed with the left mouse button. One click will extract a single item. While holding shift will extract a full stack.
  • Deposits are performed with the right mouse button. One click will deposit a full stack, while two clicks (or click and hold) will deposit all stacks of said item from user's inventory into drawer.
  • The GUI can be opened by sneaking + right clicking with an empty hand.


Will hold up to 16 stacks of the double compressed item.

It is also an easy way to get and automate Compressed Cobblestone from Extra Utilities.