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On this page, the changelog for the Compact Claustrophobia modpack can be found. It is a direct copy from the modpack's Discord server in the #to-do channel.



Released on June 26th, 2020.

  • Added fluid input for 256k
  • Fixed final quest spam, also whisper the message
  • Curseforge reward
  • Removed leaf veinminer
  • Removed florbs
  • Updated and added deferred
  • Added Blank Dark Steel Upgrade
  • Recommended optifine modpage
  • Decreased chunk drop slightly
  • Added menril regex veinminer (not sure if it works)
  • Reordered Integrated Terminals before glowstone
  • Added flux reconstructor quest
  • Added cheap lantern recipe
  • Added challenge auto consume poop
  • Poop injector max 32, perhaps use neutron fluid for the last
  • Added advanced filter (lightning+rotten w capacitor?)
  • Added quest for repairing picks
  • Added poop injection quest
  • Buffed copy-paste more
  • Buffed machine poop
  • Any input works for modular machines
  • Changed recipe for steel to place iron blocks and blow those up
  • Buffed passive clickers
  • Created More smores for quest
  • Unified click times
  • Added Console Filter mod
  • Added the PSD as a tool for the Morph-O-Tool gadget (also quest)
  • Added pyrolytic coversion quest
  • Added recipe for an unbreakable version of graphite electrodes
  • Buffed OC bots
  • Added ability to color machine walls with wool, cell padding with scavenge, remove with shears. Drops string
  • Fixed ice-cream
  • Added sign to block off entry point to PSD quest description

Released on June 20th, 2020. This release fixed an issue with poop and added preview stuff for 1.3.4.[1] No changelog released.

Released on June 14th, 2020. This release fixed an issue with the pressure poop injector.[2] No changelog released.


Released on June 14th, 2020.

  • Introduced the hardened upgrade on the quest after the strongbox
  • Disabled PvP
  • Added pickaxe for 100% silver drops
  • Added cake for Luanters
  • Buffed bedrock chunk drop chance
  • Added coffee link when finishing pack
  • Changed RF amount for compact fluid
  • Added clay recipe on fluid transposer
  • Added poop fluid transposer
  • Added NOR gate in wood quest
  • Added veinminer quests
  • Checked copy paste gadget
  • Added ways to get yellow dye (sulfur in water)
  • Added find me
  • Added giant unpowered compactor
  • Edited the recipe for the recipe calculator from JustEnoughEnergistics
  • Described menril space requirements in quest
  • Made better quest description for high impact compactor
  • Added white wool to veinminer config
  • Changed cobble so it doesn't hurt you in the stoneage
  • Changed recipe for duplicating poop to be 3 poop from Pulped Bioblend
  • Changed recipe for making steel to drop iron blocks on the ground and blow them up
  • Added poop injector


Released on June 8th, 2020.

  • Added pick for gold
  • Changed thermoelectric generator quest to also ask for IE wiring
  • Added recipe to craft 1 clay block into 4 clay balls
  • Made copy paste limited a bit more
  • Added Uranium-235 = Uranium grit in an isotope separator to the LEU-235 fuel quest description
  • Changed shortcut to Shift + Right-Click for PSD info
  • Changed wood quest to say NOR gate
  • Added auto sneak and quest
  • Added cubic boron quest nitrogen fix

Released on June 6th, 2020. This release fixed a small issue with bugged quests and included a link to the official server. It is compatible with 1.3.1 servers.[3] No complete changelog released.


Released on June 6th, 2020.

  • Made a world lobby
  • Hid glitch scavenge in JEI
  • Fixed veinminer to work work with crushed granite, diorite and andesite.
  • Buffed melter
  • Fixed templates
  • Added strongbox quest
  • Glitched dimension give whole machine
  • Added boron questline
  • Checked small compactor
  • Checked glitch quests
  • Added pickaxes that mine Thorium, Lapis and Magnesium
  • Fixed HOP ingot so it doesn't make HOP dust
  • Buffed wood clicker
  • Fixed glitch_1
  • Removed teleportation from ender fluid and chorus (remove chorus with scavenge?)
  • Tested arc furnace


Released on June 1st, 2020.

  • Added fusion quest line
  • Configured WorldPrimer to call /bq_admin default load DefaultQuests after updating
  • Fixed wooden shovels so they lose durability
  • Fixed cocoa quest
  • Added quest for cache
  • Added pickaxe for aluminum made out of aluminum
  • Added hint for aluminium
  • Added Just Enough Calculations
  • Re-introduced garden cloche recipe as bonsai doesn't create logs
  • Added quest for all pickaxes that scavenge for one thing
  • Changed more quests to be viewable even if the player doesn't have the prerequisites
  • Added tech support quest chapter for reloading quests and retrieval of machines and corpse
  • Added pickaxe for quartz
  • Added pickaxe for tin
  • Added pickaxe for lead
  • Buffed magma crucible
  • Added recipes for building gadgets
  • Added clipboard recipe and quest
  • Added multiplayer spawns
  • Added the ability to summon cats and quest
  • Added integrated crafting
  • Updated quests for squeezer and magma crucible
  • Changed all quests to have their titles visible
  • Buffed retriever recipe
  • Added angel flight ring (coin of flight)
  • Added EnderIO conduits
  • Added carry-on scripts
  • Added lobby protection


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