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Current developerstobyystrong
Version1.16.5: 5.1b16
1.16.4: 5.1b16
1.16.2: 4.1.0
1.16.1: LTS
1.15.2: 4.0.3
1.12.2: 3.1-12
1.11.2: 2.2
1.10.2: 2.2
1.9.4: 2.1
1.9: 2.1-1.9-rc
1.8.9: 2.1-1.8.9-rc
1.8: 3.0.138-alpha
1.7.10: release-2.1.0-lts.21
1.7.2: 1.5.1
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.2-1.16.5
Mod loaderFabric
FTB Builders Paradise

CompactStorage is a mod by tobyystrong (previously called tattyseal) that adds various new item storage solutions into the game. These storage blocks have larger inventories than the Vanilla chest, but only consume a single block space, hence the name of the mod. The storage items are simply portable versions of the chests.

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