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Combustion Engine
Combustion Engine.png

Max MJ output1-6 MJ/t
Max RF output10-60 RF/t

The Combustion Engine is the most powerful engine in BuildCraft, and it provides 10-60 Redstone Flux per tick (RF/t) depending on the fuel source.


FTB Infinity Evolved

Main article: FTB Infinity Evolved


Note: Lava is no longer usable as a source of fuel.

The Combustion Engine filled with lava as fuel and water as the coolant

One Combustion Engine can adequately power all BuildCraft machines, however two are required to fully power a Quarry or a Refinery. The Combustion Engine is fueled with Lava, Oil, or Fuel, but unlike the other engines, it must be cooled with Water or the engine will overheat. It can be filled with Water using Fluid Pipes or Buckets. It needs a Redstone signal to operate. Water Pump Pipes can be used to constantly pump water into the Combustion Engine to prevent overheating. Coolant will also work, but will require constant refilling if using Fuel as fuel.


The amount of RF/t that the Combustion Engine produces depends on the type of liquid that is used:

Liquid RF/t Ticks
Lava 10 20,000
Oil 30 20,000
Biofuel 50 40,000
Fuel 60 100,000

The smaller colored side of the Combustion Engine is the side which is providing power. The orientation of the Engine can be changed using a Wrench.

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