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Colored Lens (Spectral)

ModAstral Sorcery
StackableYes (16)

The Colored Lens (Spectral) is an item added by Astral Sorcery. When it is applied over a Lens or PrismLens, any rays that pass through it can pass through solid blocks at a cost of the ray's potency.


Starlight: 80%

Astral Tome entry

Proper Starlight transmission is paramount to properly powering all the rituals, devices, and effects emanating from the Starlight source. Working under an open sky affords freedom of movement and transmission, but becomes impractical in some situations where working behind closed doors or underground is more ideal. By infusing Illumination Powder with Stardust and Resonating Gems as a regulator, it is possible to create a Starlight transmission that ethereally phases through any solid matter in its path, at the cost of some of the light's potency.
Astral Tome

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