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This page is about the Colored Bundled Cable from Project Red. For other uses, see Colored Bundled Cable.
Colored Bundled Cables

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesTransmission

Picture 1: Signals are transmitted over the Bundled Cable, can be fed and reissued only over Insulated Wires.

Picture 2: Four different Colored Bundled Cables on the ground, the sides and the ceiling in a space of one block without connections.

The Colored Bundled Cables are redstone cables added by Project Red. These are used for transmitting signals, such as the vanilla redstone, but have several specific properties.

  1. These cables doesn't have the signal range limitation of 15 blocks like the vanilla redstone, but a range of 255 Blocks (4 x 64 Cables - 1 Cable).
  2. These cables connects only to all Insulated Wires.
  3. These cables contains all 16 Insulated Wires. This means, that 16 different signals can be transmitted separately through one cable and the signals must be fed and reissued over Insulated Wires (shown in picture 1).
  4. These cables may be placed on the ground, on the sides as well as on the ceiling. Furthermore four of these cables can be placed on the space of one block (shown in picture 2). Together with property number 3, this makes it possible in a space of a block to transfer a total amount of 64 different redstone signals.