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This page is about the Coin from AcademyCraft. For other uses, see Coin.


The Coin is an item added by AcademyCraft, used in the Electromaster skill, Railgun. If the Coin is right-clicked with, it will launch into the air while following the player, and land back into the players inventory. Once the Railgun skill is obtained, when the Coin is tossed, electricity will appear in the lower left part of the screen. After about 2 seconds, the electicity will collapse into a circle and disperse. If the Railgun skill is used when the electricity collapses, it will consume the Coin and launch it, creating a beam that destroys blocks and kills entities (most of the items will not drop, therefore it is not recommended to use for mining).


The Coin can be created by putting 2 Iron Plates into a Metal Former in press mode. This will make 3 Coins.