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Coffee Maker

ModActually Additions
Liquid storage4,000 mB
CF use150 CF/t
CF storage300,000 CF
RF use150 RF/t
RF storage300,000 RF
Tesla use150 T/t
Tesla storage300,000 T

The Coffee Maker is a block added by Actually Additions. It is used to create Coffee at the cost of 150 Crystal Flux per tick (CF/t).

The base Coffee will require an Empty Cup, 15 Coffee Beans, 500 mb of Water and Crystal Flux. Coffee can be amplified with special effects by adding items in the top right corner of the machine; more information can be found on the Cup with Coffee page.

The Coffee Maker can be filled with Water by right-clicking it with a Water Bucket. Coffee Beans are added to the machine in the first item slot, Empty Cups in the middle item slot, and amplifiers in the slots labeled 1-8. Once the user is prepared to create Coffee, click the "Ok" button in the gui or provide it with a redstone signal to start the process.

Broken Coffee Makers will retain their inventory.



Version history
1.11-r82Changed from using Redstone Flux and Tesla to Crystal Flux.
1.11.2-r100Stores its Coffee cache on breaking.

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