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Cocoon of Caprice

TypeSolid block

The Cocoon of Caprice is a block added by Botania. Two minutes after placing it will turn into a baby animal.

95% of the time the cocoon will turn into a farm animal— a Sheep, a Pig, a Cow, a Chicken or a Rabbit (19% chance each). Cows have a 1% chance to be a Mooshroom instead.

5% of the time the Cocoon will become a Horse, a Wolf or an Ocelot (1.7% chance each).

Up to 20 Chorus Fruit can be given to the cocoon to give it a chance to spawn a Shulker instead of an animal. Emeralds will cause it to spawn a baby Villager instead. Each item will increase the chance by 5%.


Garden of Glass

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