Cocktail (Piña Colada)

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Piña Colada


The Cocktail (Piña Colada) is a cocktail added by Tropicraft. Unlike most Cocktails it does not have to be made in the Drink Mixer. It can be made entirely out of resources found in the Overworld as it is the only way to enter the Tropical dimension. It is also required to exit the Tropics.

If it is created with a Drink Mixer it requires Pineapple Cubes and Coconut Chunks.

Its hunger restoration value is taken from its Drink Mixer ingredients.



The Piña Colada is used to enter the Tropical dimension. To do this, the user must drink the Cocktail while sitting on any Tropicraft Chair at sunset. The player will be teleported into the Tropics. To exit the Tropics, drink another Piña Colada while sinking to the bottom of the spawn pool.