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Cloud Storage
Current developersimmibis
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onImmibis Core
IndustrialCraft 2
CoFH Core

Cloud Storage is a mod by immibis designed around storing items in a cloud network. It requires Immibis Core, and the Redstone Flux, Minecraft Joules, and Energy Units APIs to be installed as well. These APIs will likely come from CoFH Core, BuildCraft, and IndustrialCraft 2— but they may also come in other mods as well.

To open the cloud storage, use the /cloud command. This will open a GUI that looks similar to the ME Access Terminal. There is a placeholder for a scrollbar, though it is not yet implemented. Use the search bar instead. Items with NBT data cannot be stored in the cloud. To use the cloud, just drag and drop items from your inventory into its inventory.

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