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Clock Timer Basic Gate

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The Clock Timer Basic Gate is an item added by BuildCraft and a specific design of the Basic Gate to control and/or interact with all pipes of BuildCraft via one configurable function. The clock timer design has three additional options available to start a function at specific intervals (see Usage). The next tier is the Clock Timer Iron Gate with two configurable functions. In opposition to all other gate types, the Clock Timer Basic Gate has no AND or OR version.



A Diamond AND Gate interacts with all four types of Pipe Wire to transmit redstone signals. Pipe Wires on different pipe types can be connected via Cobblestone Structure Pipe.

The Clock Timer Basic Gate can be placed on all types and sides of the BuildCraft pipes with a right-click. By holding the crouch-key and right-clicking the gate can be removed without to destroy the pipe.

Note: The basic function is that the gate checks the precondition in the right slot, and, if this precondition is true, executes the option in the left slot. The bar between the left and right slot light up red when the precondition is currently True. The different to the Standard design is, that the clock timer design has three additional preconditions for all pipes to start a function at specific intervals of 5, 10 or 15 seconds (yellow marked in the table below).

With a right-click the player can open the GUI, which has two slots (one left, one right). Both slots can be configured by clicking in the slot. The possible options depends on the pipe where the gate was mounted:

  • All options like the standard Gate (goto)
  • Additional options of the Clock Timer Gates (goto)