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Client Tweaks

The Client module of Quark adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks

  • Angry Creepers: Creepers turn red before exploding.
  • Auto-jump Toggle Keybind: pressing B (per default) will toggle auto-jump.
  • Better Shulker Box Tooltip: when being hovered over, Shulker Boxes will display its inventory. Introduced in r1.2-84.

    A White Shulker Box's tooltip displays its inventory contents, utilizing the Better Shulker Box Tooltip Tweak.

  • Chest Searching: adds a search bar to the top of Chests.
  • Food Tooltip: foods will have their restoration value shown in their tool tip. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Greener Grass: grass is greener.
  • Improved Mount HUD: on a mount (such as a Horse), the user's food and experience will not be hidden. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Improved Sign Interface: improves the Sign's interface by making it editable via standard GUI text boxes, allowing for copy-pasting and a cursor. "Clear," "Shift" and "Cancel" buttons are also added. Introduced in r1.3-106.
  • Map Tooltip: hovering the mouse over a Map in the inventory will display the map. Introduced in r1.2-75.
  • No Potion Shift: Status Effects will not cause the inventory to shift to the right. According to the official Quark website, this tweak is inspired by the No Potion Shift mod and has identical code.
  • Panorama Maker: holding CTRL+SHIFT (or CMD+SHIFT on macOS) while taking a screenshot will create 6 screenshots, designed for the main menu. Additionally, the folder "main_menu" in the screenshots folder will override the main menu's panorama.
  • Random Animal Textures: adds various new Vanilla animal textures for Pigs, Cows, Chickens and Chicks. Introduced in r1.2-93.

    Various retextured animals.

  • Subtler Shields: Shields will take up less space on the screen.
  • Texture Changes: several Minecraft textures are replaced by new textures:
    (Granite) is replaced by
    (Andesite) is replaced by
    (Diorite) is replaced by
    (Bricks) are replaced by
    (Glass) is replaced by
    (Pumpkin) is replaced by
    is replaced by
    as of version r1.2-78. Introduced in r1.2-67.
  • Usage Ticker: adds a small interface to the left of the hotbar showing the number of items of the selected item, and an interface to the right showing the player's armor durability. Introduced in r1.3-106.

    The hotbar and Usage Ticker interfaces.

  • Visual Stat Display: the tooltips of armor and tools that show statistics (like protection) are replaced with a visual representation of those statistics. Introduced in r1.2-88.


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