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This page is about the Clay Ball added by vanilla Minecraft. For other uses, see Clay (disambiguation).



As added by Ceramics

Unfired Clay items from Ceramics can be uncrafted back into clay.

Mystical Agriculture

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As added by Quark

Thermal Foundation

As added by Thermal Foundation

As a symbol and running community joke

During a townhall by the FTB Team, slowpoke stated that "clay is one of the best things modpack developers can use to balance recipes: this is because it's one of those few things that are limited on how easily you can automate mining of it, which greatly helps towards balancing stuff around"[1], and he advocated disabling Quark's Underground Clay tweak. Since then, it has frequently been used as a joke in the modded Minecraft community, especially /r/feedthebeast[2][3]. This launched several parody mods, including the Clay mod, Clay Expert Mode and Make Clay Valuable Again. When /r/feedthebeast participated in Reddit's April Fools experiment, /r/place, they decided to use a Clay ball as a symbol of the community.[4][5]