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This page is about the Circuit Board from Forestry. For other uses, see Circuit Board.
Circuit Boards


The Circuit Board is an item provided by Forestry. When populated with Electron Tubes, Circuit Boards can be used to configure Forestry Multifarms and to upgrade Forestry's Electrical Engine, Centrifuge and Squeezer.

A Carpenter is needed to make Circuit Boards. A Thermionic Fabricator is required to make Electron Tubes.


Configuring Circuit Boards

In order to use a Circuit Board the player will need to configure it using a Soldering Iron and some Electron Tubes.

Right-click the Soldering Iron on air will access its GUI. The player should then select which machine they want to affect (using the buttons at the top of the GUI) then add the electron tubes to the available slots. All slots must be populated. The Basic Circuit Board only has one slot, Enhanced Circuit Board has two, Refined Circuit Board three and the Intricate Circuit Board has four.

Effects of Electron Tubes

For the effects of Electron Tubes on Multifarms, see Multifarms.

For the effects of Electron Tubes on other machines, see Electron Tubes.