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This page is about the Circuit added by Calculator. For other uses, see Circuit.

Technical details
Ore dictionary namecalculatorCircuit

Circuits are important components added by Calculator. They come in 14 distinct variants numbered 1 to 14 and can be in 5 states : Damaged, Dirty, Unanalysed, Analysed and Stable. Circuits only stack up to 1 except inside a Storage Chamber.

Random Damaged and Dirty Circuits can be extracted respectively from Cobblestone and Dirt from either an Extraction Chamber or a Precision Chamber. The Precision Chamber also allows extracting specific Circuits from more expensive blocks. Those need to be put through either a Reassembly Chamber (for Damaged ones), a Restoration Chamber (for Dirty ones) or a Processing Chamber (for both) to be turned into useable Unanalysed Circuits.

Unanalysed Circuits can then be put through an Analysing Chamber to extract various items and randomly turn them either into Analysed or Stable Circuits, noted with a B or an A after their number respectively. This allows using them to craft various items with the Fabrication Chamber. Additionally, using Stable Circuits in a Calculator Locator will greatly reduce its negative effects.


Random Circuit

Specific Circuit