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TypeSolid block

The Chute (formerly known as the Hopper) is a block from the BuildCraft mod. It provides a method of storing additional items before they are placed into an Engine, a machine, or anything else with an internal storage. It prevents overflow of items from spilling onto the ground. However, if the chute itself is completely filled, items will spill onto the ground anyway. This block is functionally identical to the Vanilla Hopper, though, was implemented before the Vanilla version.



The chute can be placed over any block that has some sort of storage compartment, such as a machine, an engine, or a chest. Items are pumped into the chute with pipes, and the items will automatically filter down into the attached compartment when there is space. Multiple chutes can be stacked on top of each other to provide additional storage, and items will filter all the way down into the attached compartment. If the chute is completely filled and items continue coming in, items will then spill onto the ground.