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Choco Patcher
Current developersChocohead
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onIndustrialCraft 2
FTB Infinity Evolved
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

Choco Patcher (also known as ASP + GS Patcher) is a small mod by Chocohead that uses ASM to modify the classes of Advanced Solars and GraviSuite in order to fix bugs that the two mods contain natively.


Advanced Solars[]

The recipe for the MT Core is changed to allow Thick Neutron Reflectors with a damage value of one to be used, as required for all IC2 versions past 769:


The recipes for the Cooling Core and the Engine Booster are fixed to allow 60k Coolant Cells, Advanced Heat Exchangers and Advanced Heat Vents with a damage value of one to be used, as required for all IC2 versions past 769:

The following items also have their localization fixed due to previously missing a item. prefix:

The Sonic Launcher has also localization added due to it's name (item.sonicLauncher.name) missing from the en_US.lang file completely.

The Relocator Portal has also had it's texture fixed, removing an extra .png from the file path.

The functions to detect keys being pressed have be optimised to use the IC2 API, which also removes the need to leave and rejoin a world to update the IC2 Menu, Alt and Boost keys if changed.

The with Hover Fix version also stops the Advanced Electric Jetpack, Advanced NanoChestPlate and GraviChestPlate from causing the player to slowly sink when the jetpack is active (as IC2 itself made this change to the Jetpack and QuantumSuit Bodyarmor some months before), whilst the without Hover Fix does not make this change.

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