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This page is about AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's version of Chisel. For other developer's versions of Chisel, see Chisel.
Modicon chisel.png
Current developersAUTOMATIC_MAIDEN
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4
Depends onAutoutils
Unstable 1.7.2
New World Mod Pack

Chisel is a mod that adds a large variety (over 150) of aesthetic blocks to the game useful for building. All blocks have slab and stair counterparts and no special properties - with the exception of some connected textures, and concrete roads giving players walking over them a slight speed boost.


All decorative blocks can be obtained through the chisel tool. Crafting the chisel can be done with a stick and an iron ingot.

The mod does have an optional crafting recipe which can be enabled. Some packs (including Monster) use this recipe instead.


Chisel GUI

Right clicking while holding the tool will open an interface with one center slot and multiple on the outer edge. Placing an appropriate block in the center will fill the outer spots with blocks you can create from the input one. Alternatively, left clicking on a block will cycle through all similar block types.

World Generation

The mod also adds two blocks to world generation - Marble and Limestone. Both of these can be found where regular Stone can, and can be used in the Chisel item.

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