Chip Fabricator

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Chip Fabricator


The Chip Fabricator is a machine added by RedLogic. It is used to create Integrated Circuits out of Photomasks. In the GUI, there are 3 input slots– for Redstone, Stone and a Photomask. The amount of Redstone and Stone depends on the complexity of the redstone circuit which was designed in the Cleanroom and transferred to the Schematic and then to the Photomask. The Photomask is not consumed for the process.

By default, the machine requires no energy. However, if IndustrialCraft 2 or BuildCraft are installed, the machine requires energy. There is no limit on the voltage of Energy Units provided, if using IndustrialCraft 2. The energy consumption depends is 12,800 EU or 5,120 MJ[1] per process.


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