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Chest Transporter
Current developersCubeX2
Version1.12.2: 2.8.8
1.12.1: 2.8.8
1.12: 2.8.8
1.11.2: 2.7.13
1.11: 2.6.0
1.10.2: 2.5.18
1.10: 2.5.0
1.9.4: 2.4.0
1.9: 2.3.0
1.8.9: 2.2.1
1.8: 2.1.0
1.7.10: 2.0.6
1.7.2: 1.1.9
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.2-1.12.2

Chest Transporter is a mod by CubeX2 that adds a group of tools of the same name.

Chest Transporter

Chest Transporter

ModChest Transporter
DurabilityWooden: 1
Copper: 8
Tin: 8
Iron: 10
Golden: 20
Silver: 20
Obsidian: 40
Diamond: 80

The Chest Transporter is a tool added by Chest Transporter. It comes in 8 variants with different durabilities.

When used on a Chest (or other similar inventories such as Iron Chests or Storage Drawers), it will pick it up. Using the Transporter again while it is carrying a block will place it down, retaining the picked block's original inventory and reducing durability on the Transporter.

When carrying a Transporter carrying a block, the player will be inflicted with Slowness III, Mining Fatigue IV, Hunger and Jump Boost -II (which prevents the player from jumping a full block).


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