Cherrywood Drying Unit

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Cherrywood Drying Unit

ModBetter With Addons
Blast resistance6

The Cherrywood Drying Unit is a machine added by Better With Addons. It is used to dry items in the sun, such as turning Soaked Bamboo into Bamboo Slats.

Each crafting operation takes 25 seconds, it operates twice as fast in biomes where it cannot rain, such as Deserts, and does not work in snowy biomes. It also requires a structure to be built around it in order to function, as well as a clear view to the sky and day time. When the structure is correct the sun icon in the GUI will become colored.


The complete structure is 3x3x3 and requires (on top of the Drying Unit):


Note: the
Dead Bush can be placed on top of any of the 8
Sand blocks.