Chemthrower Turret

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Chemthrower Turret

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeTile entity
Liquid storage4000 mB

The Chemthrower Turret is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is a stationary sentry that sprays liquid at any hostile mobs in its detection range and can be further configured by right-clicking to attack neutral mobs, animals, and even other players. Similar to the Chemical Thrower, a pilot light can be turned on to ignite the fluid sprayed by the turret. A blacklist is toggled by default with the player's name already added. Other player names can be added so they would not be hit if the player wishes to use the target players option. Be warned, as turning off the blacklist will cause the turret to shoot any player within range.

The Chemthrower Turret must be supplied with a liquid and a constant Redstone Flux (RF) supply in order to function properly. The liquid is pumped in through the back of the turret and RF is inputted through the sides marked with an orange dot. Finally, a Redstone signal is needed to activate the turret. When turned on, the turret will constantly consume RF, meaning unless the player has a reliable source of RF, it is recommended to turn the turret off until needed. The turret can store up to 4000 mb of liquid at any given moment and does not need a constant supply of liquid, only needing refills once in a while.