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Chemical Decomposer


The Chemical Decomposer is a machine added by MineChem. It is used to decompose many blocks, items and liquids from vanilla Minecraft and other mods as well as chemical compounds of MineChem to obtain the included compounds respectively elements (see Usage).



For operation the machine requires Redstone Flux (RF) which can be supplied with BuildCraft, Extra Utilities or Thermal Expansion.

A right-click on the block opens the GUI of the Chemical Decomposer. On the right side is three tabs. The first tab shows the currently energy status with the internal energy storage, which can store 100,000 RF. The second tab shows a short description of the machine and the third tab is for supporting of MineChem.

If the player places a block, an item, or a chemical compound in the top slot of the GUI and enough energy is available (1000 RF per item), the machine decompose it into its basic components, which are stored in the internal inventory below the arrow.

The display on the left side of the GUI indicates the internal liquid storage, which can store 5000 mB. This feature allows the player to pump liquid e.g. water into the Chemical Decomposer to rapidly decompose into Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O), without having to replace the water bucket in the slot. The pumping of liquids into the machine is possible with the Pump and Fluid Pipes of BuildCraft.